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Премия "Золотая кентаврита 2012"

Dear soloists, companies and their directors!

We invite you to take part in the contest of the International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España! 2018, whose organizers are the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" and the non-profit foundation "Duende". The project is carried out under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Embassy of Spain in Moscow.

The Festival's programming traditionally includes two components: a series of concerts and the Contest. In the Contest, the flamenco artists from all over Russia compete for the "Golden Kentauride" award in four nominations, showing the Spanish jury all their mastery, charisma and art. The concert program brings together the great artists, stars of the flamenco world, on the most prestigious stages in Moscow.

In 2018 the Festival will take place from November 23 to December 1 : the final of the Contest and the awards ceremony is on December 1 at the House of Flamenco. We are honoured to have the presence of a great guest artist, the singer Montse Cortés. This year we invited to participate in the contest not only the artists from Russia, but also the artists from other countries.

The jury is formed by the famous figures of the flamenco world of Spain. In 2017 we had as guests , Montse Cortés, great flamenco singer, Petete (JoséMaría Fernández Cortés), great gitarrista, and Patricia Guerrero, an extraordinary flamenco dancer.

The jury of 2018 will be defined at the end of September, but it is already known that we can count on the presence of Miguel Betegón, director of the Flamenco Festival in Luxembourg and great cantaor Andrés de Jerez.

The competition takes place in two phases, according to this scheme:

I tour:  According to the results of the first round, the direction forms a list of the best applications which were sent via the website of the Festival (max. 30 numbers). The applications should be sent within the period from September 1 to November 9, 2018. The jury will make its selection online from November 9 to 16; the results will be published on the official website of the Festival. Contestants, who are in this list, will be invited to Moscow for their live performance before the jury.

II tour: The performance of the contestants before the jury (final) will take place on December 1, 2018 at the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" in c / Dobroslobodskaja 5a, Moscow. The performances of the Contest are open to spectators; admission is free. The hall capacity: 200 seats.

Four nominations are expected:

  • The best flamenco dance soloist
  • The best flamenco interpretation (traditional or contemporary)
  • The best musical interpretation (without dance).
  • NEW NOMINATION: "Outstanding flamenco performance": award of regional level *

* Especially for participants from the regions of the Russian Federation. This nomination can be given as much to the best execution of dance, as the vocal and / or musical interpretation.

Each contestant (soloist, duo, group, company) can send the request to participate only in one of the mentioned nominations.


The winners will receive a statuette of the Golden Kentauride, its material component of 100 000 rubles (for each nomination), a scholarship for a weekly course with Spanish teachers in Flamenquería Seville.

The expenses of transport, accommodation and diets are paid by the participants.

The administration of "Flamenquería" is ready to offer your some help looking for an economic home (hotel, apartment, apartment) during your stay for the Festival.

The award ceremony of the Festival will be held at the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" on December 1, 2018.

Within the framework of the XVI International Flamenco Festival Viva España the organizers have come to the decision to help and support the professional flamenco performers of Russia, offering them the opportunity to present their shows on the stage of the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" during 2019.

  • The House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" offers for free its theater and technical equipment to the company;
  • The House of Flamenco has got a stage in the theatrical hall with a capacity of 200 people, in the historical center of Moscow;
  • The management of the House of Flamenco offers different options of the dates to carry out your event;
  • According to the company's preferences, the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" can offer some help with the design of the posters and brochures for the show;
  • The House of Flamenco offers its resources for advertising and commercials for the show;
  • Depending on the company's preferences, the House of Flamenco can organize a professional photo and video recording. The conditions are determined in each case separately;
  • The House of Flamenco contacts its mass media collaborators and informs them about the events which take place in the locals.

For more information contact us via email: vivaespana@flamenquería.ru

We will be happy to discuss your proposals and answer all your questions.

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