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Within the framework of the International Festival Viva España that takes place every year, we offer master classes by renowned dancers Manuel Liñán and Rosario Toledo which will take place in November and December.

For inscriptions or questions, do not hesitate to write us at artevivoflamenco@gmail.com or whatsapp + 7-915-214-71-81. Classes will be held at House of Flamenco Flamenquería, located at Dobroslobodskaya Str 5a (Baumanskaya station)

Courses with Manuel Liñán in Moscow, November 24-25, 2018.

Programming of the classes

- Choreography JALEOS - bajo-medio / low-medium level (Medium Level), 13.00-14.30
- Choreography TANGOS – medio-alto / medium-high level (High Level), 14.30-16

Price for 1 course € 140 paying before November 10
Price for 1 course € 160 paying after November 10.

Worshop with Rosario Toledo in Moscow on December 1-2, 2018. Within the framework of the Festival we offer the only course of the famous bailaora Rosario Toledo.
Programming of the classes: choreography by Bulerías for the Middle Level.

Classes will take place on December 1 and 2 (Saturday and Sunday) from 12:00 to 14:00

- € 90 before November 10
- € 100 after November 10

"El cante is the essence of flamenco

The cante will help you to feel and understand flamenco art.

To support and develop cante in Russia, at the International Festival ¡Viva España! 2018 the flamenco singer Andrés de Jeréz will teach some classes for all those who wish to attend. Original method for foreigners.

December 2, at 15h00 in the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería"
Dobroslobodskaya Str, 5A
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02 2018 The winners of the "Golden Centauride" contest of the International Flamenco Festival 2018!

We are pleased to congratulate all the winners and the contestants who obtained the special mention of the jury.

27 2018 "El cante is the essence of flamenco".

The cante will help you to feel and understand flamenco art.

17 2018 "The Golden Centauride" is already here to see the best among the insurmountable!

We would like to thank very much to all the artists for sending us your requests.