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Concert program 2022

Дом Бернарды

XXI International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España!

García Lorca's work in the magical rhythms of flamenco

"Bernard's House"
choreographic show
Based on the play by F.G. Lorca "The House of Bernarda Alba"
November 17 at 20h00
Theater “Russkaya Pesnia”

The choreography is by the great dancer and choreographer Javier Latorre, who was awarded the National Dance Award, the most prestigious prize in the dance world in Spain.

Choreographic adaptation Susana Larriba Adell (Spain)
Directors: Elena Sova, Anton Presnov

The stars of the Russian flamenco world participate in the project:
Natalia Zaykova, Yulia Plams, Yulia Katyshkina, Natalia Pribytko, Olga Pshenitsyna, Liubov Krayushkina, Stepan Pribytko El Tebi (dance)
Khalida Abueva (voice)
Aleksander Vysotskiy (voice, palmas)
Maksim Melnikov and Gleb Okunev (original music, arrangements, guitar)
Kirill Rossolimo (percussion)

Traditional Spanish music with arrangements by Luís Medina (Spain) will be present in the show.

The show is based on the work of the great Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca, whose work is very popular in many countries around the world. Lorca admired the art of flamenco, and in acting his work is reflected in the musical and danceable images of flamenco.

"La casa de Bernarda Alba" is one of Lorca's most famous plays: a story about complex relationships within a Spanish family, in which there are only women, and the lives of each of them are full of secrets and intentions hidden.
Who is Bernarda? A cruel woman, for whom decency is more important than her own daughters? Or a caring mother who goes to great lengths to protect her daughters?
What is a mother's love capable of?
What is more dangerous: the world around us or home with its suffocating way of life?
Is a man a temptation or a way to freedom?

Bernarda's house should be in mourning for 8 years, but for the women who live within its four walls it is an eternity. Mourning condemns them to an even greater lack of freedom in the strict patriarchal society of Spain at the beginning of the 20th century.

You should not look for a flamenco show in full accordance with Lorca's work. The characters on stage are generalized images of the main characters of the play, rethought by the choreographer and the director.

The Greatest Stars of Flamenco:

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