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Fuensanta "La Moneta"

Fuensanta "La Moneta" Her passion for dance originates from the early childhood. Even being very young, Fuensanta performed n the famous Granada and Sacromonte tablaos. She took the skills from the best of the best - Manolete, Javier Latorre and Mario Maya, Juana Amaya, Matilde Corral, Israel Galván, etc. Despite her young age, Fuensanta La Moneta has already successfully performed in the largest and most popular tablaos, participated in Flamenco festivals and given concerts in the European theaters. Fuensanta La Moneta has everything a professional dancer needs: high expression, great possession of compás, extensive knowledge of cante and natural talent to construct and execute even the most complicated dance with that ease, which gives us the meaning of the word "art". Flamenco is in her blood. La Unión's 2003 Las Minas Festival (Murcia) awarded her first prize in the baile contest, winning the ‘El Desplante’ trophy, paving this young performer the way to such tablaos as EL Monte, Biennale in Seville, Jerez Festival, and festivals taking place in Japan, France, Germany, the USA, Mexico and Switzerland.
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14 2019 Открыт прием заявок на участие в конкурсе "Золотая кентаврита 2019"!

С 15 августа по 27 октября проводится прием заявок на участие в конкурсе "Золотая кентаврита 2019", который, по традиции, состоится в Доме фламенко "Фламенкерия" 23 ноября.

25 2019 Запуск продаж на фестиваль ¡Viva España! 2019

Два великих фламенко исполнителя современности на одной сцене, два дня подряд - Ruben Olmo и Rocío Molina!
Два уникальных по своей необычности и яркости спектакля - Horas Contigo и Caída del Cielo!

02 2018 The winners of the "Golden Centauride" contest of the International Flamenco Festival 2018!

We are pleased to congratulate all the winners and the contestants who obtained the special mention of the jury.