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The XII International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España! is cocluded

During 6 days the Flamenco House "Flamenqueria" rejoiced all flamenco lovers with a variety of activities included in the program of the Festival. It started with the contest where flamenco dancers from all Russia competed for the award "Golden Centaurita-2013" in five nominations. During two days the participants demonstrated to Spanish jury their skills, charisma and virtuosity. After the announcement of the results the prize-winners performed on the Day of Spain at the Design Factory "FLACON". It is difficult to describe with words what atmosphere was on that day, but it is obvious that there was no one who would not have participated in the fair, workshops, lottery of tickets to Spain or national gourmet food tasting. The fiesta at "FLACON" was concluded with a splendid tablao-party together with the Spanish jury and invited guests.

The next stage of the festival was a concert program that was probably the most-anticipated for the flamenco community. Three unforgettable performances created a real furor; the audience will remember it forever. Up to now there was no theatre that collected flamenco stars of this magnitude at the same stage! Eva Yerbabuena, Rocío Molina and Farruco - these are the artists who have conquered the State Academic Maly Theater with their undoubted skills proving again that they are really the best flamenco dancers of our time.




Undoubtedly, because of its size and high level, the Festival "¡Viva España!" provoked a strong reaction not only in the professional flamenco dance world, but also in the media. A press conference which took place to mark the opening of the concert program proved that bringing together a large number of both Russian and Spanish journalists: the Spanish news agency «EFE», “RIA-Novosti", "Voice of Russia", "Gazeta.ru," and many others. The questions were answered by Manuel Hernandez Gamallo, the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Spain in Moscow,  Eva Yerbabuena, a flamenco dance star, Anton Sukhanov, the director of the XII International Flamenco Festival "¡Viva España!" and Urbano Millan Cozar, the head of the production company «Vengaya produccion». Judging by the relaxed atmosphere and easy communication, all the participants of the press conference were satisfied.

Thus, all these six days of the festival flew by: bright, fast, energetic and lively according to the philosophy of the flamenco art. But there is still a whole year to get ready for the XIII International Flamenco Festival "¡Viva España!" which will be more emotional than ever.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the partners of the XII International Flamenco Festival “¡Viva España!”:

  •  General Information Partner  - Radio “Romantika"
  • TV Partner – TV channel  “Mnogo TV”
  • Official Partner of the Award “The Golden Centaurita - 2013" – National Bank "Trust"
  • Official Logistics Partner – Hotel "Petr I"
  • Official Perfume Partner– brand “Antonio Banderas”
  • Official Partner "the State Academic Maly Theatre"

Information Partners:

  • magazines “Za rubezhom” and “Zdorovje shkolnika”
  • newspaper  "Argumenty & Fakty"
  • Online magazines "Tekhnologia prazdnika" and "Dozado"
  • Web portals DANCE.RU, EvraziaFM.ru and ForSMI.ru


  • The Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Russia
  • The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • The Cervantes Institute in Moscow
  • The Design Factory "FLACON"
  • The travel agency “Nataly Tours”
  • The dance mode studio “Dance Style”
  • The company “Freixenet”
  • The Trade House  “ITLV”
  • The company “El Parador”
  • The Video studio "Cinema Simphony"
  • The company “Mary Kay"  in the person of Oksana Lezhepekova
  • The non-commercial foundation "Duende"
  • The company "Vengaya"
  • The "Flamenco Festival"
  • The company "Menkes"
  • The company "ARTDECO"


The organization of the Festival: The Flamenco House “Flamenqueria”

The Flamenco House "Flamenqueria" is located at  Dobroslobodskaya Str. 5a (m Baumanskaya). There’re 5 halls for music and dance lessons located on three floors of the building (the total area is ​​1050 m2). There’re exclusive shock-absorbing floors which minimize the load on the spine and joints during dance classes. The stage of the modern concert hall designed for 170 seats is equipped for performances of dance and music groups. In the House there’re also  class rooms for language courses and lectures, and a massage room.

The Flamenco House gives you an opportunity to learn to dance flamenco, to play the guitar and the castanets, to buy flamenco costumes and accessories… But there’s also a special welcoming, warm, creative and friendly atmosphere.


The Flamenco House "Flamenqueria" includes:

The Flamenco Academy "Flamenqueria" is the first flamenco school in Russia with permanent Spanish teachers. In the "academic program": a dance school for adults and children, castanets classes, rhythm classes (percussion and clapping), cante classes (flamenco singing) and guitar courses.

The Flamenco Fashion House: exclusive clothes in flamenco style from famous Spanish designers, concert costumes, shoes and accessories. Opportunity to purchase, rent, make a personal order.

The Event group: organization of Spanish-style parties, concerts, exhibitions, presentations, carnivals, corporate events and so on. The best flamenco singers and dancers.



The Organizing Committee of the International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España!
Фламенко «¡Viva España!»
+7(925 )800-04-41

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14 2022

Изменения в программе Фестиваля-2022.

07 2022 На прошедшем конкурсе «Золотая Кентаврита» 2021 зажглось сразу несколько новых ярких звезд!

Кира Никитина и Ирина Тарасова с невероятной гуахирой одержали победу в номинации «Лучшее исполнение хореографии». Молодые танцовщицы из Санкт-Петербурга, которым пророчат очень большое будущее. В номинации «Лучшее музыкальное исполнение» победил талантливый гитарист Константин Ушаков, за полгода до этого выигравший главный приз на Первом конкурсе им. Диего дель Гастора.

23 2022 Открыта подача заявок на Конкурс «Золотая Кентаврита — 2022»

Оргкомитет фестиваля «¡Viva España!» открывает регистрацию на конкурс исполнителей фламенко, который по традиции состоится в Доме фламенко «Фламенкерия». Ознакомится с "Положением" и подать Заявку можно с 23 сентября по 5 ноября. Список финалистов будет опубликован не позднее 13 ноября.