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An artist ask herself: “Who I am, what’s my brand? Which is what I have in particular, that makes me unique?” The artistic personality is determined by many factors: our experiences, the fact of being born in this moment of the world, the condition of being born male or female, and certainly, the place where we came from. You can get away from many things, denying another thousand, but you can’t escape from who you are.

Rosario Toledo, her life story, her womanhood dancer from the starts of the 21st century, and the inheritance of Cadiz in every pore of her dancing have formed an immense and unique artistic matter. In this show we are looking for that essence, the particular and untransferable DNA of an artist who wants to know, in the middle of the chaos, what it is, at this moment, to be a “bailaahora” (dance now).

November 26 at 7 pm (St. Petersburg)
November 28 at 7 pm (Moscow)
Duration 75 minutes, continuously

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25 2019 Запуск продаж на фестиваль ¡Viva España! 2019

Два великих фламенко исполнителя современности на одной сцене, два дня подряд - Ruben Olmo и Rocío Molina!
Два уникальных по своей необычности и яркости спектакля - Horas Contigo и Caída del Cielo!

02 2018 The winners of the "Golden Centauride" contest of the International Flamenco Festival 2018!

We are pleased to congratulate all the winners and the contestants who obtained the special mention of the jury.

27 2018 "El cante is the essence of flamenco".

The cante will help you to feel and understand flamenco art.