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Performance by Paula Comitre “Cámara Abierta” (“Open Stage”)

Cámara Abierta

XX International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España!

Performance by Paula Comitre “Cámara Abierta” (“Open Stage”)

Prize “Artista Revelación” at the Jerez Festival in 2020

Prize "Giraldillo Revelation" at the XXI Bienal of Flamenco in Sevilla in 2020

“Paula Comitre's talent and her performance Cámara Abierta were the opening of this edition of the Festival. This production is distinguished by perfect harmony between ideas and implementation, which opens up new facets of perception for the viewer. "

"Paula has proven that she is a versatile dancer who opens up new horizons, while not forgetting the traditions forming the base of flamenco dance." Juan Garrido (Jerez Daily)

“The goal that Paula Comitre has set for herself is to dance in every sense of the word: a 'naked' stage, no frills, just a stage for dancing to show the viewer the true character of the Dance through a series of seven compositions built in accordance with the development of the plot , right up to the creation of a complete picture. " Manuel Martín Martín (El Mundo newspaper)

“Open Stage” is a dance suite, an alternation of different dances, united by the common tonality and graceful manner of Paula Comitre’s performance.

The dancer performs literally on an open stage: there is nothing that would distract from Paula's dance, no decorations, no additional elements. All attention is focused on the dance, on its character, form, dynamics. And the dance breathes freely and easily, the boundaries move apart, and the action develops as if outside the theatre walls. All metamorphoses and transformations take place in the face of the audience. This is a female dance on an open stage.

Paula Comitre - original idea and dance
Juan Campallo - musical direction and guitar
Miguel Ortega - cantaor / singer
Jesús Corbacho - cantaor / singer
Antonio Campos - canator / singer
Paco Vega - percussionist

15 ноября 2020 20:00

Государственный музыкальный театр фольклора «Русская Песня» (Москва)

16 ноября 2020 20:00

Театр Эстрады им. Аркадия Райкина (Санкт-Петербург)

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09 2020
04 2020 Online courses with Paula Comitre (Zoom)

from November 9 to November 13 at 19:00 (Moscow time) - online courses with Paula Comitre (Zoom)
Guajiras with fan, medium level

04 2020 Оnline conference "Contemporary flamenco"

November 12 at 5:00 pm (to Moscow): free online conference "Contemporary flamenco" with Susana Zellinger, flamenco expert from the German magazine "Tanz" and member of the jury (Zoom)