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Esperanza Fernandez Show “FLAMEN&Сo”

Cámara Abierta

XX International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España!

Esperanza Fernandez Show “FLAMEN&Сo”

Show by Esperanza Fernandez with the participation of famous flamenco dancers: Lucía Álvarez "La Piñona" and José Manuel Álvarez.

“Thousands of people gave her a standing ovation [...] Esperanza is in constant search of herself, each of her projects is an experiment, reaching a new level of her skills and mastery” (El País)

Latin Grammy nomination for Best Flamenco Album.

“Giraldillo del cante” Award for Best Performance of Traditional and Contemporary Flamenco at the XV Flamenco Biennale in Seville.

Cante jondo (deep song) – deep dramatic singing that founds flamenco music culture. Cante jondo was admired by the outstanding Spaniards of the XX century such as the poet Federico García Lorca and the composer Manuel de Falla.

“Note the transcendence of cante jondo, […]. It is deep, truly deep, more so than any well, more so than all the seas that bathe the world, deeper than the present spirit that creates it or the voice that sings it, because it is well nigh infinite. It arises from remote peoples, traversing the graveyard of the years, and the fronds of parched winds. It comes from the first cry and the first kiss.” F. García Lorca.

Esperanza Fernández singing is a meeting with classical flamenco, filled with contrasts and strong feelings such as pain, joy, naivety, mystery, impulsiveness, drama... Esperanza is originally from Seville, she represents the gypsy dynasty of singers, guitarists and flamenco dancers. It was the Gypsies, this “mysterious wandering people,” who determined the sound of cante jondo.

Esperanza has already performed in Russia: in 2009 at the Mariinsky Theatre in the performance “Café de Chinitas” as a guest artist, invited by the National Ballet of Spain.

Esperanza Fernández - original idea and cantaor / singer
José "El Berenjeno" - cantaor / singer
La Piñona - dancer
J.M Álvarez - dancer
Miguel Ángel Cortés - guitar
Miguelito Fernández - percussion

November 16 at 8:00 pm at the theater "Russkaya pesnia" (Moscow)

The main partners of the show "FLAMEN&CO"

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