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November 20 at 8:00 pm at the theater "Russkaya pesnia" (Moscow)

“One of the best flamenco dancers I've ever seen"


"She's like the nuclear power within an atom"


«Elle sait relier l’Olympe à l’Enfer en passant par le Jardin des délices sans en faire un supplice »

"She knows how to connect Olympus to Hell through the Garden of Delights without making it a torture"


The achievements of Rocío Molina in the art world have been highlighted with numerous awards among which the prestigious National Dance Award, awards of the Flamenco Biennial in Seville for the best show and the best dancer, Malaga Gold Medal, Max Award 2017 (best choreography "Bosque Ardora" and "Caída del Cielo"), Dance National British Award in 2016, among other recognitions to his multifaceted career.

The previous show of Rocío "Bosque Ardora" was presented with the support of Flamenquería in Russia within the framework of Dance Inversion, organized by the Bolshoi Theater in 2017.

"Fallen from Heaven" is a journey of the Woman towards the absolute freedom. It is not about the inverted image of The Fallen Angel, but about the Woman who lets herself be carried away by the dance, her intuition and body.

We witness the journey of the Woman through lights and shadows, silence and music in unknown territories, towards what is normally hidden and now materializes in the body of Rocío. Her dance is born of a mixture between a powerful energy of the body and the earth, becoming the celebration of being a Woman.

The flamenco of Rocío Molina is a free expression that cannot and should not be tamed. She delves into its roots and at the same time, with freedom, confronts and collides flamenco with other ways of understanding the scene and with other languages.

On the career of Rocío and the preparation of the show “Caída del Cielo”, the French filmmakers shot the film "Impulse" which premiered in Moscow in December 2018, with support from the Embassy of Spain and the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería".

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