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Rosario Castro

Rosario Castro
Born in Granada, Rosario began at the age of 16 her dance studies with her mother, teacher and choreographer Charo Romero.

From the beginning, the combination of race, character and femininity instilled by her mother are an unmistakable hallmark of her personality.
When she was 18, she moved to Madrid completing her experience in Flamenco, Spanish Dance, Regional Dance, Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Jazz with great masters.
She receives classes from her aunt Carmen Romero, choreographer of the Spanish Olympic team of Artistic Gymnastics and President of the International Dance Council for UNESCO, that contributes to the artistic sense a disciplinary and sporting sense. 
When she moves, the film director Carlos Saura and the dancer Antonio Gades choose her to participate in the film "El Amor Brujo" and to be part of the Company of Antonio Gades. 
As the first invited dancer, she performed at the Compañía de Mariemma (1988), Compañía de Flamenco Contemporáneo de Ángeles Arranz (1989), Tomás de Madrid Company (1989), Ballet de Paco Romero (1990).
From 1990 to 2002 she is the main attraction in the famous Tablao Flamenco "El Corral de la Morería", combining it with the direction of her company Suite Española and other performances as the first dancer invited by numerous Festivals.

Since 1985 she co-directs the Spanish Suite Company in which she acts as the first dancer and choreographer.
As representatives of the culture of Spain, she has been invited along with her company by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) in Cameroon, Egypt, Cote d'Ivoire, Angola, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco and Tanzania.
In 1992 she is chosen for the advertising campaign of Sony's television spot that is broadcast via satellite.

From 1992 to 1996 she was chosen by the Japanese consortium Kintetsu to direct and supervise the shows of the Spanish park in Shima with the directors of Disney USA.

In 1998 she was invited to the "Homage" tour in the US cities of Seattle, San Francisco and New York, representing the figure of the great dancer "Carmen Amaya".
"The critic of the newspaper of San Francisco removes the well-known breath in the dumb cinematographic one by the girl of the exorcist".

During the performances of the Ballet of the Kirov in the Royal Theatre in Madrid in 1999 she meets the First Russian Dancer Farukh Ruzimatov that projected a new stage of fusion of flamenco and classical dance.

In 2003 she is invited along with her Spanish Suite company to the Cervantino Festival of Guanajuato where Spain represented by the companies of Spanish Suite and company of Sara Baras and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra of Germany are the invited countries.

In 2004 she was invited to the "Farukh Ruzimatov and Friends" Gala held in Tokyo (Japan), to dance her solo "Luz de Luna" together with the leading figures of world classical dance. It was the first time that a flamenco dancer was invited to these galas, so she obtained a resounding success.
After the success during the galas of Tokyo (Japan) in 2005, she premiered together with Farukh Ruzimatov the "Eternal" choreography by Ricardo Castro, which premieres at the Shinjuku Bunka Centre in Tokyo (Japan).
In 2005 she is a guest artist at the VI International Ballet Festival Mariinsky, dancing  the choreography of "Eterno" by Ricardo Castro with the greatest stars of world dance.
In 2007 she is invited along with her company Spanish Suite, to the Licabetus Theatre in Athens, Greece.

She is currently starring in Carmen's original production choreographed by Ricardo Castro and Ángel Rodríguez, where flamenco, classical and contemporary dance come together, being invited to the 175th anniversary of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, the International Forum in Tokyo and in some of the most prestigious International Festivals of Music and Dance with stars of the biggest companies (Kirov Ballet (Mariinsky), Bolshoi Ballet, National Opera of Paris, American Ballet Theater, Bordeaux Opera Ballet, Mikhailovsky Ballet ...)
In her career as a solo dancer invited to different dance festivals, she has shared the stage with dancers of international prestige, such as:

Mariinsky Theatre:
Natalia Makarova - Farukh Ruzimatov - Yulia Makhalina - Igor Zelensky - Leonid Safaranov - Igor Kolb - Andrian Fadeyev – Andrei Merkuriev - Viktoria Terioshkina - Ulyana Lopatkina - Diana Vishneva - Viktoria Kutepova - Olesya Novikova - Daria Pavlenko

Bolshoi Ballet:
Nikolai Tsiskaridze - Svetlana Zakharova -Denis Matviyenko - Anastasia Matviyenko

American Ballet Theatre:
Maxim Beloserkovsky - Irina Dvorovenko

Opera Nacional De Paris:
Mathieu Ganio - Agnes Letestu - José Martínez - Dorothée Gilbert - Karl Paquette

Royal Ballet:
Johan Kobborg - Alina Cojocaru

Bayerisches Staatsballett:
Lucia Lacarra - Cyril Pierre

Bordeaux Opera:
Charles Jude - Roman Mikhalev - Oksana Kutcheruk - Viviana Franciosi - Stephanie Roublot

The Leningrad State Ballet:
Mikkhail Siranov - Irina Perren - Elena Evseeva - Alena Videnina - Artem Pykhachov

Ballet Imperial Ruso

Since 2000, together with Spanish Suite, she has the annual appointment at the Madrid Theatre

The next projects for 2010 are:

March - April Kiev Ukraine: Video clip with Lara Fabian
 May and June: Assembly of "Flamenco X 3"
June: "Carmen" in Galicia
July: International Aegean Festival, Greece
July - August: Hammelet, Tunisia
September: Assembly with the director and choreographer Renato Zanella
October: X Anniversary of Spanish Suite at the Madrid Theatre
November - December: Tour in France

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