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Patricia Guerrero

Patricia Guerrero
Albaycín, Granada. 1990
Giraldillo for Best Show at the Seville Biennial - 2016
Venecia Flamenca Award at the Flamenco Festival of the Mistela - 2016
Giraldillo to the Revelation Artist at the Seville Biennial - 2012
Desplante Prize at the International Festival of Cante de Las Minas - 2007
1st Prize in the Flamenco Art Contest Ciudad de Ubrique – 2005

Patricia Guerrero knows the flamenco dance at home: at three years she starts her first experience in her mother's academy and her formative process has been enriched with contributions from many different masters, assimilating classical, classical Spanish dance and flamenco at the same time. This precocity in learning has also had its scenic parallelism. Her first public performance is at the Peña La Platería, when she is only 8 years old. Shortly after, she shares the stage with Juana Amaya at the Festival Flamenco del Albayzín. At the age of 15 she joines the Flamenco Studies Centre run by Mario Maya, and she was touring as part of his company with the Diálogo del Amargo cast.

The specialized critic soon discovers in Patricia Guerrero a great value in rise. In 2005 she won the City of Ubrique Flamenco Art Contest and in 2007, at only 17 years old, she won the prestigious El Desplante prize at the International Festival of Cante de las Minas (La Unión). This award facilitates her international projection by opening the way for her to perform at the most important dance events, such as the Jerez Festival, the Dusseldorf Festival, the Granada Music and Dance Festival, the Seville Youth Biennial, etc. Also, during 2009 Patricia Guerrero was asked to form part of the company that made the tribute to Mario Maya touring the most important theatres and festivals in Spain. A year later she presents her first show, Desde el Albayzín, with which she toured several European cities.
In that time Patricia Guerrero is also asked by Carlos Saura to act as a soloist in the show Flamenco Hoy, in which she toured the world and stages such as the City Centre in New York. This prestigious filmmaker returns to count on her for the filming of his film Flamenco, Flamenco, where Patricia appears dancing por guajira, together with Arcángel and the choreographers and dancers Rafael Estévez and Valeriano Paños. In this same year she enters the Company of Rubén Olmo to be part of the cast of Tranquilo Alboroto.
In 2011, Patricia Guerrero became the first dancer of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía under the direction of Rubén Olmo. From this moment, the critics have highlighted as memorable the paso a dos  that she stars with the maestro Antonio Canales in Llanto by Ignacio Sánchez Mejías and with Eduardo Leal in Metáfora. At the same time, Patricia Guerrero is still asked as guest artist by Arcángel for his shows Olor a tierra (with the Piaccere Academy), and Las idas y las vueltas, a fusion of flamenco and Baroque music for which Patricia Guerrero is awarded with the Giraldillo, the Artist of Revelation at the Seville Biennial 2012. The special collaboration with Arcángel is currently maintained with the show Tablao, premiered at the Teatro Real de Madrid. In 2013 Patricia Guerrero premiered at the Alhambra theatre in Granada her second show entitled " Latidos del agua”. Also that year she presented Touché, a new production with the violinist and composer Bruno Axel with whom she toured important music and dance festivals: Jerez Festival, Zurich Festival, Düsseldorf, Nimes, Central Theatre of Seville, etc. 
In 2014 Belén Maya asks Patricia Guerrero to be part of her show Los Invitados. Other flamenco figures, such as Dani de Morón and Antonio Rey, call her to be part of their shows as a Guest Artist. In 2015 she presented at the Doce Tiempos Festival of Itálica 2015, where she shared the stage with the contemporary dancer Raul Heras. That same year she danced as a soloist at the National Theatre Chaillot in Paris in the show “Cuando sueñan los ríos”. In February 2016, within the 20th Anniversary of the Festival de Jerez, she presented “Pórtico”, a piece that showed an advance of the Cathedral, a show premiered at the XIX Seville Biennial at the Lope de Vega Theatre. In this new proposal she works with the great stage director, Juan Dolores Caballero. This is a search for the interior, the physical and the aesthetic.
“Catedral”  has been awarded the Giraldillo for the Best Show of the XIX Biennial of Seville.
Patricia Guerrero is today the first figure of flamenco dance of her generation.

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