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This year is special for The House of Flamenco "Flamenqueria" because of its tenth anniversary but we also share a very important experience: Elena Soboleva, creator, founder and inspirer of "Flamenqueria", has had the honour of receiving a high decoration: the Order of the Kingdom of Spain, Cross of Civil Merit. The awarding ceremony took place on April 20, 2018 at the Spanish embassy in Moscow. The high decoration was awarded to Elena Soboleva from the King of Spain Felipe VI, by Ignacio Ibáñez Rubio, ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Russia, and Álvaro de la Riva Guzmán de Frutos, embassy cultural advisor.

The Order of Civil Merit was instituted by King Alfonso XIII in the month of June 1926, to reward the civic virtues of the civil servants at the service of the State, Province or Municipality, as well as the extraordinary services carried out by Spanish citizens for the good of the Nation, which may also be granted to foreign citizens by courtesy or reciprocity, for their progress in one or other sector, obtained within the framework of bilateral collaboration. The decision on granting is taken personally by the King of Spain, that is a very high expression of attention and respect of the state towards a physical person. Among the Russian civilians who have obtained the Order are: Zurab Tsereteli, sculptor, painter and president of the Russian Academy of Arts; Vladimir Yakunin, diplomat, public man and former president of the national company of Russian Railways RZhD.



The House of Flamenco opened its doors in 2008 as a dance school, and already in its 10 years "Flamenquería" has become the cultural centre of flamenco development. However, the teaching of the flamenco dance and art continues to be one of its main objectives: here there are groups for children (from 5 years old) and for adults. Classes are taught by Russian and Spanish teachers. During these years Flamenquería has established its house in the historical centre of Moscow. In this house everything has been done with a lot of love and attention to every detail: in the concert and rehearsal halls they installed the shock-absorbent floors, the dancers can change in comfortable dressing rooms. The House has its own shop where you can buy accessories, costumes or rent a dress for concerts and events. Flamenquería has created its own dance company that performs with great success throughout the country. Every year "Flamenquería" conducts the International Flamenco Festival of Moscow "Viva España" which is truly a crucial cultural event. The Festival gathers the most talented and outstanding artists from different countries, representing different forms of flamenco: traditional, jazz, fusion, theatre ... In 2014 Flamenquería inaugurated its other house, in Spain, which is the dance school and tablao in Seville, in the very cradle of flamenco. 

… Oh this woman dance!
It's like a story of the sun
About what happened,
Of what there will not be ...
… It has everything: threat,
Hope and death.
The anxiety of a rose
Which desires to become a button.
At its end,
In all its details
You feel revenge
Of the verticals
To the horizon. …

It is an extract from the poem "Spanish dancer", created by a non-Spanish poet Joseph Brodsky. Sometimes you do not have to be born in the Andalusian land to be able to feel the art and the soul, approaching little by little the secret of flamenco.


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04 2020 Online courses with Paula Comitre (Zoom)

from November 9 to November 13 at 19:00 (Moscow time) - online courses with Paula Comitre (Zoom)
Guajiras with fan, medium level

04 2020 Оnline conference "Contemporary flamenco"

November 12 at 5:00 pm (to Moscow): free online conference "Contemporary flamenco" with Susana Zellinger, flamenco expert from the German magazine "Tanz" and member of the jury (Zoom)