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Hugo López

Hugo López

Hugo Lopez, born in Cordoba, Andalusia, in 1989.

He began studying at the Professional Conservatory of Cordoba Dance "Luis del Rio" and at the same time he studied dancing with his sister and teacher Enkarna Lopez.

After that, for 2 years, he complements his knowledge at the Seville Andalusian Dance Center.

During this period, he studied with the great teachers of flamenco: like Ana Maria Bueno, Huanjo Linares and Trinidad Sevillano and others.

Such great artists and choreographers like Javier Latorre, Antonio Canales, Rocio Molina, Ruben Olmo and Farruquito also have a great influence on the formation of Hugo López as an artist.

Hugo's talent for dancing was already noticeable at an early age: he reached the semifinals of the Veo-Veo competition at Canal Sur only at 10 years old, and two years later he repeated the same feat.

In 2003, he won the “City of Cordoba” award, and three years later, in 2006, he won the first prize at the Villa de Mijas National Competition.

Years passed, and Hugo continued to form, like a professional flamenco dancer. At the age of 19, he, along with the company Nañi Paños and Rafael Estévez, won the prize for the best performance “Flamenco XXI: ,pera, café y puro” at the 2008 Jerez Festival.

In 2011, he won the first prize at the II Andalusian competition for young flamenco, this award allowed him to take a tour of Andalusia as part of the series "Flamenco comes from the south."

In 2012, Hugo Lopez appears in the production of Javier Latorre in the performance “Delicacy”, presented at the XI International Flamenco Festival “Viva España” in Moscow, sharing a stage with famous artists: Javier Latorre, La Moneta and Koncha Horégno.

In December 2016, Ugo Lopez returns to Barcelona “Tablao Flamenco Cordobés”, and is one of the most promising stars in the current flamenco arena.

This year, he won the El Desplante award at the Cante de las Minas International Competition 2018.

In 2018, Hugo Lopez performed in Moscow at the XVII international flamenco festival ¡Viva España! in the play “Reversible”.

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