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Alfonso Losa

Alfonso Losa

The Spanish art, "is originally
Ruled by the tart duende,
wild and lonely. "
(Federico Garcia Lorca)

Duende is the soul of flamenco performance. The term is literally translated as "spirit", "invisible", "bogie". In Russia they say: "He’s got no fire inside", in Spain - «No tiene duende» («He does not have duende"). Federico Garcia Lorca created a theory of duende, distinguishing three elements of art: images of an angel, a muse, and a duende. Not a single critic would dare to challenge the assertion that bailaor Alfonso Losa «tiene duende». His passionate style is always recognized by the audience. Living the dance, Alfonso Losa makes you forget about everything and just watch without a glimpse.

The bailaor started dancing in 1989 with Rafael de Cordoba. Then Alfonso Losa entered the Royal Conservatory of Dance (Real Conservatorio de Danza). The boy took lessons from such maestros of flamenco, as Manolete, María Magdalena, Antonio Reyes, Juan Ramírez, Domingo Ortega, Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre, etc.

At the age of 15, Alfonso Losa won one of the most prestigious dance competitions named «Danza Española». During his career, he would win this competition many times. Losa worked with Manuel Carrasco, his first teacher Rafael de Cordoba, Ricardo Franco. He appeared as a guest star in numerous productions. In 2000, Alfonso Losa presented his show «En Candela» at the Madrid Dance Festival. In 2001, the artist presented to the public a performance in collaboration with Joselillo Romero named «Dos Mundos». In 2003, the bailaor was involved as a choreographer and a dancer to the theatrical «Hombres Flamencos», and in 2004 – to the theatrical «Duende», which brought rave reviews. In 2005, Alfonso Losa went on the South American tour with the production of «Tierra y Arena». The artist also participated as a guest star in the choreography contest (Certamen de Coreografía de danza española y flamenco) at the Albeniz Theatre in Madrid.

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