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The jury of the XVI International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España! 2017

Judge art is very difficult and ungrateful. A professional jury needs taste, experience, personal commitment and fairness. There were sent dozens of materials for the contest “¡Viva España!” and it’s emotionally and physically difficult to express your own impartial opinion about every participant.

As we have already seen, the Festival «¡Viva España!» collects the best artists of the flamenco art. The selection and the contest of the Festival are always carried out under the control under the control of the famous choreographers and dancers from Spain.

In 2016 we had as jury guests David Coria, the first dancer of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía (Spain), María Rosaria Mottola, director of the Flamenco Festival in Milan (Italy), Ángel Fariña, Liam Howarth and Paula Comitre. The jury of 2017 will be defined at the end of September, but it is already known that we can count on the presence of Miguel Betegon, director of the Flamenco Festival in Luxembourg, Montse Cortés, great flamenco singer, Petete (JoséMaría Fernández Cortés), great guitarist, and Patricia Guerrero, an extraordinary flamenco dancer.

Баранов Юрий

Баранов Юрий, родился в Киеве.

В 1998 г . закончил Московскую Государственную Академию хореографии. После чего был принят в труппу Большого театра.

В репертуаре театра:

Злой гений («Лебединое озеро»)

Рыбак («Дочь фараона» Ц. Пуни, хореография П. Лакотта по М. Петипа)

соблазн («Предзнаменования» на музыку П. Чайковского, хореография Л. Мясина)

солист («Класс-концерт» на музыку А. Глазунова, А. Лядова, А. Рубинштейна, Д. Шостаковича, хореография А. Мессерера)

Илларион («Жизель» в редакции В. Васильева)

Гурн («Сильфида» Х.С. Левенскольда, хореография А. Бурнонвиля в редакции Й. Кобборга)



Born in Malaga in 1980 in a family of artists and musicians, he arrived in Granada at the age of 3 and started playing the guitar with 11 years old; he learned in the family from his older brothers, with 12 years he premiered in the Yellow Centre and during the Fiestas del Barrio.

He is also a composer and producer. He became a founding member of the group Color Flamenco with thirteen years, then he managed to record two discs, the last one of them is still unpublished.

He shared stage with Carmen Linares in Salobreña (Granada), Tomasito at the Caracol Hall in Madrid, Tomatito at the Festival Espárrago Rock, Remedios Amaya, Esperanza Fernández, Carlos Baute, Malú, Maita Vende Cá, La Unión, Aurora Vargas, La India Martínez, La Susi, Marina Heredia, Montse Cortés.

He has accompanied La Negra, Los Malaguitas, Karmela la Chocolata, Morenito de Illora and other new artists of the new flamenco generation of Granada.

He participated in the Autumn Festival of Granada, Flamenco Festival of Albaycín (Granada), Flamenco Festival "Lucero del Alba", and also at the opening of the Zoraya restaurant where flamenco shows take place till now in the Albaycin.

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Montse Cortés

Undoubtedly, this Catalan gypsy with Granada ancestors - daughter of Andalusians - is one of the young voices of more genuine flamenco style. She has worked with the most significant flamenco guitarists like Paco de Lucía with whom she toured for 3 years, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo and El Viejín. And she has collaborated with great dance figures such as Antonio Canales, Joaquín Cortés, Farruquito, Eva la Yerbabuena, Belén Maya, Sara Baras, among others.

Her career as soloist consolidated her as one of the reference voices of flamenco of today. Since 2012 she has defended her new album "Flamencas en la sombra", visiting the most important festivals on the national scene.

In 2014 she premiered at the Spanish Theatre in Madrid "En cante a dos" with the Israeli singer Yasmin Levy and she is currently preparing her new project "Con Serrat Cortés y Salazar" with the jazz singer Edith Salazar.

Her voice sounds in outstanding recordings, and she is one of the most requested cantaoras to realize different musical collaborations.

In 2013, she presented her show "Flamencas en la sombra" (Flamenco in the Shadow), with which she visited several festivals and important theatres including the Quijote Festival in Paris, the Seville Flamenco Biennial and the Music Diffusion Centre in Madrid.

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Miguel Betegón

Aunque ya de niño no paraba de escuchar a los grandes cantaores en discos de vinilo de la colección familiar, solo al llegar a la edad madura, en los años 80, cuando se mudó a Luxemburgo como empleado de las insituciones europeas, empezó a interesarse por este fenómeno cultural, organizando conciertos de los artistas flamenco en su tiempo libre.

Miguel Betegón (born in Madrid in 1950), as he likes to present himself, is a loyal flamenco fan who did not immediately realize his true vocation. Even as a child he never ceased to listen to the great flamenco singers on vinyl records of his family collection, only in the 80s, when he reached middle age and moved to Luxembourg as an employee of European institutions, he became interested in this cultural phenomenon, organizing concerts of flamenco artists in his free time.

In 2006 he founded the Flamenco Festival in Luxembourg (Flamenco Festival d'Esch-sur-Alzette), and from then until now Miguel Bretón is part of the organizing committee of the Festival and his faithful director. In 2010 he returned to Madrid, receiving the opportunity to go deeper into the world of flamenco: he has been visiting flamenco events all over Spain and abroad, attending a lot of international festivals and, of course, he continues developing the Flamenco Festival in Luxembourg.

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Patricia Guerrero

Albaycín, Granada. 1990

Patricia Guerrero knew the flamenco dance at home: at the age of three she began her first training in her mother’s academy and her educational process was enriched with contributions from many different teachers in classical, classical Spanish dance and flamenco dance at the same time.

Her first public performance was in Peña La Plateria, when she was only 8 years old. After that, she shared stage with Juana Amaya at the Albayzín Flamenco Festival.

At the age of 15, she joined the Centro de Estudios Flamencos, directed by Mario Maya, and she went on tour as part of this company, for Diálogo del Amargo.

The flamenco amateurs and the specialized critic discovered soon a great value in Patricia Guerrero. In 2005 she won the Flamenco Art Contest in Ciudad de Ubrique and in 2007, with only 17 years, she won the prestigious El Desplante prize at the International Festival of Cante de las Minas (La Unión).

This award facilitated her an international projection by opening the way to the most important dance events, such as the Festival de Jerez, the Dusseldorf Festival, the Music and Dance Festival of Granada, the Youth Biennial of Seville, etc.

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