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Jury 2018

The jury of the XVII International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España! 2018

Judging art is very difficult and ungrateful. A professional judge must rely on his taste, experience and participation, and cannot have any prejudices. In addition, we receive every time more requests to take part in the festival contest and many videos, which complicates the task: from the mental and physical points of view, it is extremely difficult to watch all the videos and give an objective opinion, without being carried away by emotions.

As we have already seen, the Festival "¡Viva España!" brings together the best flamenco artists. The pre-selection tour and the contest of the Festival always take place under the control of the famous choreographers and dancers of Spain.

In 2017 Miguel Betegón, director of the Flamenco Festival of Luxembourg, Motse Cortés, great singer, Petete (José María Fernández Cortés), great guitarist, and Patricia Guerrero, an extraordinary dancer, formed the jury. The jury of 2018 will be defined at the end of September, but it is already known that Miguel Betegón, director of the Flamenco Festival of Luxembourg, Rosario Toledo, great dancer, Andres de Jerez, singer, and Antonio Games, guitarist, will form it.

Rosario Toledo

Intuitive, fresh, expressive, visceral, earthy. The dancer and choreographer Rosario Toledo has managed to be at the top of contemporary flamenco dance thanks to her creativity and her ability to transmit to the viewer the essence of what surrounds us. She received a degree in Spanish Dance at the Higher Conservatory of Dance in Seville, and she began her professional career with her teacher Charo Cruz with the show 'Por ley de vida' and she formed part of the Manuela Carrasco and Antonio El Pipa Company.

From this moment, she combines her activity in renowned tablaos such as 'El Cordobés' in Barcelona or 'Los Gallos' in Seville with her collaboration as a guest artist in shows with artists such as Javier Latorre, Javier Barón, Antonio Canales, Israel Galván, Joaquín Grilo, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, Dorantes or José Antonio Rodríguez, among others. In addition, she works as a soloist with Mario Maya in his show 'De Cádiz a Cuba, la mar de Flamenco'.

Miguel Betegón

Miguel Betegón (born in Madrid in 1950), and as he likes to present himself, he is a loyal flamenco fan who did not immediately realize his true vocation. Although as a child, he never stopped listening to the great singers on vinyl records of the family collection, only when he reached middle age, in the 80s, when he moved to Luxembourg as an employee of the European institutions, he did become interested in this cultural phenomenon, organizing concerts of flamenco artists in his free time.

In 2006 he founded the Flamenco Festival in Luxembourg (Flamenco Festival d'Esch-sur-Alzette), and from then until now Miguel Bretón is part of the Festival's organizing committee and its faithful director. In 2010 he returned to Madrid, receiving the opportunity to deepen more in the flamenco world: he has been visiting flamenco events throughout the country of Spain and abroad. He attends the major international festivals and, of course, he continues to develop the Flamenco Festival in Luxembourg.

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Andres de Jerez

Born in 1964 in the neighborhood Federico Mayo in Jerez de la Frontera, within a family with a love of cante influenced by the neighborhood.
From the age of five, he sang with his grandfather through the taverns and learning from the singers of his surroundings. The southern area and especially its neighborhood, where numerous flamenco figures from the Plaza were based in the seventies and eighties, were key to his cantaor training. Chalaos, Rubichis and Agujetas appear as clear references in his repertoire and style.
Andres is part of the ardent defenders of pure cante por derecho. This cantaor likes Tonás, siguiriyas, fandangos and Soleares. His rancid and anarchic vocal focuses on emotions, strength and purity.
At a very young age, his concerts were limited to weddings, baptisms and other family parties. To these events he joined the many private parties, that continued until 1989, when he first went on stage in the Peña Los Cernícalos accompanied by Pepe Ríos who had been a guitarist for Agujetas for 10 years.
From this moment, in addition to numerous private parties, he gave his concerts at peñas, such as Chalao, accompanied by Antonio Higuero, La Trilla or Antonio Jero. He stepped on the tablaos with figures like Chano Lobato, Alfonso "El Mijita" or the dancer from Jerez, Manuela Núñez.
He traveled to Osaka with Fernando Jiménez and Nono Jero, as well as to Marseille with David Ceccarelli. Together with Francisco León, he performed at the Villamarta Theatre, the Alameda Theatre in Seville, the Alhambra Theatre in Granada, the Teatro de la Barca and the Dance Theatre in Córdoba.
He is engaged in an experimental flamenco project Una Experiencia Plástica, Rehondo: art and custom, which draws on his old and untainted vocals to capture flamenco essences pictorially. Together with the guitarist and capo del compas Carlos Grilo, Andres has a projection in the jondo now that enters his singing maturity.

Antonio Games Martos

Born in the Seville neighborhood of Bellavista. He began studying at the age of 14 with his close friend and great guitarist Isidoro Carmona, and his professional principles were at the Peña Flamenca "La Fragua". Later, in his eagerness to expand his guitarist skills, he entered the flamenco studio of Pepe Rios, great teacher of the dance, nephew of the unforgettable Diego del Gastor, where his knowledge of the compas (so essential in this art) comes from.

Antonio Games, is currently one of the most sought after guitarists by the great figures of cante, among them stand out: Jose Merci, Ana Reverte, Juan Peña "El Lebrijano", Chano Lobato, etc.
As well as by the dancers as were Antonio Montoya "Farruco", "El Mimbre", both already disappeared, Eva "La Yerbabuena", "La Debla", Maria Pages, Javier Barón, among many others.



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