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Winner 2018

Dear participants of the "Golden Centauride" contest of the International Flamenco Festival 2018!

First of all, on behalf of the entire organizing team of the Festival and the House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" Moscow, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for having participated in the Contest. We greatly appreciate your professionalism, discipline and patience. We know that many of you come from far away, wait your turn in the hall and in the wings...

However, despite some complications that always appear during the preparation of such a large event, we are very happy to see the Festival grow year after year, as well as the technical and artistic level of the contestants.
This year for the first time we have launched the online broadcast of the contest on the Internet, and we are very pleased that more than 1500 people from all over the country could follow and enjoy the “Golden Centauride" contest. We have received many reactions and words of thanks. Musicians, singers and dancers: thanks to all of you, the final tour of the contest was lived in one breath for both the public and the jury.

We are pleased to congratulate all the winners and the contestants who obtained the special mention of the jury. It was not easy to make the choice. After many discussions, the members of the jury distributed the awards as follows:

Nomination "Best flamenco dance soloist": this year two participants, Irina Zakhvatkina and Yulia Plams, share the prize.
Nomination "Best musical performance": Maksim Melnikov
Nomination "Best execution of the choreography" (duo): De los carretes
Special mention to the non-competition performance by Polina Baburina as a young talent.

To all the aforementioned laureates, who were selected by our jury, the non-profit Foundation for the Popularization and Promotion of the cultural heritage of Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries "DUENDE", grants them prizes of 100 000 (one hundred thousand) rubles in money. The contestants with special mention receive a scholarship for a week of flamenco courses at Flamenquería Sevilla (Spain), valid during 2019.

We hope that your stay at the House of Flamenco Flamenquería in Moscow has been not only pleasant but also inspiring for new numbers and shows.

The organizing committee of the International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España! is always open to your suggestions and collaboration. With great pleasure, we will receive your constructive comments about the organization of the Festival Contest. We appreciate your opinion and do everything possible to make the Festival better!

Contact us: vivaespana@flamenqueria.ru

We wish you much success!
See you at the Festival "Viva España!" - 2019!

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14 2022

Изменения в программе Фестиваля-2022.

07 2022 На прошедшем конкурсе «Золотая Кентаврита» 2021 зажглось сразу несколько новых ярких звезд!

Кира Никитина и Ирина Тарасова с невероятной гуахирой одержали победу в номинации «Лучшее исполнение хореографии». Молодые танцовщицы из Санкт-Петербурга, которым пророчат очень большое будущее. В номинации «Лучшее музыкальное исполнение» победил талантливый гитарист Константин Ушаков, за полгода до этого выигравший главный приз на Первом конкурсе им. Диего дель Гастора.

23 2022 Открыта подача заявок на Конкурс «Золотая Кентаврита — 2022»

Оргкомитет фестиваля «¡Viva España!» открывает регистрацию на конкурс исполнителей фламенко, который по традиции состоится в Доме фламенко «Фламенкерия». Ознакомится с "Положением" и подать Заявку можно с 23 сентября по 5 ноября. Список финалистов будет опубликован не позднее 13 ноября.